How To Maintain Kitchen Knives And Knife Block Sets

So you have bought an expensive knife set after reading my knife block set reviews for the kitchen, and you are happy chopping vegetables and fruits with it; while the shopping part may be over, it won’t be out of place to say that, it’s not just the amount of money you spend on buying, but also knowing how to maintain kitchen knives, that will go a long way in maintaining the sharpness and overall efficacy of your knives for a smooth and comfortable cutting experience in the days to come. (Read on If you’re Interested! Trust Me You’ll Need These Tips)

Regardless of the amount you spent on your knife block set, if you don’t use the knives properly then sooner rather than later, the blades will lose its sharpness, leaving you with a dull device, which is not just uncomfortable to cut with, but in some cases, can also cause physical injuries to you. (Talk about getting bitten in the rear.)

Well you’re in luck, you’ve just stumbled upon something incredible here. I’m about to give you all the tips and tricks you’ll ever need to maintain your knives so they stay sharp, beautiful and edgy.

1) Use Your Cutting Board Diligently


Cutting vegetables and fruits on hard surfaces like granite and marble does not cause any problem to the food, but it can damage the knife blade causing it to lose its sharpness fast. Use a cutting board, preferably one that is made of wood, for a smoother cutting experience.

2) Wash Your Knives Meticulously

Once you’re done cutting, you should wash it with care. Use your hands to clean it with a sponge and soap when needed. Don’t wash it with other dishes in the dishwasher, as that can cause damage to the blades after coming in contact with other utensils.

3) Dry Your Knives Thoroughly

After washing, you should not let the moisture remain on the blades, as that may cause damage through rusting or mold formation; prompt drying is necessary to prevent that from happening.

4) Store Your Knives Carefully

Knife Block Set

It’s not a good idea to store your knives along with other utensils or tools in a common drawer, as it can blunt the edges of the knives as a result of shuffling and jostling with other utensils in the drawer every time you open it. Not to mention, it might cause injury to you as well while trying to pull out an utensil out of the drawer.

Keeping it separately is the way to go, for that purpose you can use a knife block. At the very least, you can use a knife cover to protect the edges from damage from other tools and utensils in the kitchen

5) Sharpen Your Knives Intricately

Let’s face it, even after all the care you take, knives will turn dull after repeated use. But you can restore its sharpness using a simple honing device or stone. Depending on the nature of dullness, if it is very dull, you might go for electric or manual sharpeners, or if you like you can ask the professionals to the job for you.

Periodic honing of the blades is advised to keep the sharpness intact and to prevent it from turning too dull.

6) Choose Your Kitchen Knives Wisely

Choose The right Knife

Find out which knives are best suited for any given food item you want to use it for. Wrong choice of knives can take an extra toll on the blades and may cause hurt to you as well. For instance, if you want bread slices, then use the bread knife with serrated grooves that helps in slicing through the bread smoothly without crushing it.

If the same knife were used for cutting meat, the blades can get damaged and become unusable in the long run.

Your Knives Are In Good Hands ; IF YOU FOLLOW MY TIPS

So, with these tips related to use, cleaning, storage and periodic honing, one’s knives set can remain part of one’s kitchen for a long time to come, which is only fair considering the amount some people spend on knife sets nowadays.