Check out these best santoku knives to own

There are many points to be noticed when you are searching about the best santoku knives. People who understand the functionalities and importance of high quality knife sets can find great tips in this article. Similar to traditional chef knives, the santoku can also be used for routine kitchen tasks such as mincing, cutting, dicing and slicing. So, if you are determined to learn about the best santoku knives, I am sure my recommendations will prove to be of great help.

Shun Premier Santoku Knife

Known for its strength and comfort of use, Shun Premier is the perfect santoku knife to choose. Best for slicing, mincing and dicing, you can complete routine tasks without any pain. This santoku knife has maximum length of 7-inch which makes it convenient to handle and operate in speed. When comparing the design and specifications of this product, we have found no other santoku knife as elegant as shun premier. No matter how hard you slice or chop, the hand hammered finish is designed to reduce drag during routing cutting and chopping. So, if you are in search of a premium grade santoku knife, there is no better option than Shun Premier.

Global G-48 7-inch Santoku Hollow Ground knife

Being a multipurpose knife, Global G48 is made out of 100 percent original vanadium stainless steel material. People who want to make a long-term investment, this is obviously the ultimate option to be selected. With more than one variants to select from, you can wash and clean the product with hand. This santoku knife is best for chopping, slicing and mincing all categories of food items and meat. So, if you are a real food lover and wish to prepare delicious meals regularly, Global G48 features long tapered edges to give you ultimate cooking experience.

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 7-inch

Featuring an ergonomically designed Derlin handle, the triple riveted edge pattern makes the product ideal for home use. Most of the santoku knives cause pain upon consistent usage and to address this issue, we have reviewed the best sellers over various online stores. Mercer Culinary renaissance is made out of one piece forged stainless steel material which makes it best for long term usage. Furthermore, this product has to offer better stability, sharpness and resistance by which you can chop and mince within minutes. For the people who prefer a rounded spine santoku knife, Mercer culinary is the perfect option to be selected.


Santoku knives are known for their efficiency and durability. We have briefed the best options which you can select to avail long term benefit. Before you make any final decisions, do not forget to overview factors such as precision, comfort and durability.