Rubicon Press : Your Kitchen News Served Sizzlingly Sultry and Seductive

I’ve dabbled in blogging for some time now and truthfully, I find it to be in amazing pass time. Once in awhile I meet people who share my interests and we form a community to help the rest of the world wide web. Most bloggers are like miniature journalists. Besides the occasional “emotional melt down post”, we usually love sharing our thoughts and experiences. I honestly believe that by blogging, I’m sharing what I’ve learnt from my own experiences.

Being a homemaker, it gets pretty lonely at times. I usually have an hour or so a day to blog. That is before my little champs come home from school then it’s Mommy this and Mommy that. I love everything from home decor, home improvement, DIY projects and kitchen topics. Just look at my Facebook page. It’s often flooded with everything that has to do with turning a house into a home.

So, I’ll be sharing my projects and ingenious “culinary disasters” on this site. Feel free to tag along, if you’re one of those people who likes making friends, leave me a comment in the comment section and maybe we’ll come up with better stories to share with the world.

That’s it for now. I’m Tara.. Reporting Live From RUBICON PRESS. *cue exit music*