About the Press

Rubicon Press had its start in Norwich, England, when two friends decided to create an independent press to publish a collection of poetry featuring writers from around the world. All the writers whose work was included in this first collection were participants in the MA program in Creative Writing: Poetry at the University of East Anglia. Years later and an ocean away, Rubicon is comfortably ensconced in its new home in Edmonton, Alberta, and the press is rolling once again.

Rubicon Press publishes chapbooks and broadsides of extraordinary poetry from authors in Canada and around the world. We’re looking for work that resonates; poetry that is more than just excellence of technique and use of multiple forms. We seek poetry that moves, inspires and affects.

Our Work

We produce beautiful little chapbooks available in limited editions, working with our poets during printing to give their books the look and feel of the collection they had in mind during the writing process.